We all have loved an evil love

Neon lights fall, besmirched by rain on the car window, while late night passersby are obscured by the intensity of an unforgiving city. I sit here listening ! no ! more captured by the creative and passionate expression of Scott-David Allen's A Covenant of Thorns.

His music is NOT an attempt to drunkenly lash out with personal demons. His music is NOT an attempt to escape and fortify nor to overindulge and obsess. Scott-David's music is brave. Hopeful. Honest. His lyrics and music contain a humility that comforts the human condition.

As I sit here, I'm struck by the music's deep and layered texture. I lose my inhibitions as his vocals mix warm in my heart and I'm left touched ! human again ! refreshed and alive. This is music for the enlightenment of the heart.

Francis D. Fuller